Lantern Company are delighted to have appeared with the Flaming Lips as part of Liverpool Sound City Festival this year with a brand new set of illuminated puppet creatures (originally commissioned by Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation) making their UK debut following a night time appearance in Hong Kong.

Our mad scientist and one eyed beauty puppets emerged as part of a spectacular encore, leading on to an illuminated parade where our crazy giant mutant puppets were released into the late night Flaming Lips audience..

Inspired by astonishing images revealed through the photomicroscopic lens, we created a world where sci-fi meets carnival, pop culture, manga cartoons and Haute Couture!

Earlier in the evening, the Lantern Company’s old favorites, the Skeleton Family plus some special decrepit guests dusted themselves down,  creeping up through the cracks of the derelict docklands for some raucous bone rattling shenanigans with anyone brave enough to join them!

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Video by George Ellis / Music by Natalie McCool