As a growing company, we’re constantly devising innovative events and projects that push creative boundaries. Inevitably, our ambitious projects come with a price tag, and our projects would simply not be possible without supporters. Along with Liverpool City Council and Arts Council England, we work closely with the private and public sectors to deliver outstanding projects and we are always looking for new partners to help us raise the bar further.

Why sponsor the Arts?

It is widely recognised that culture and the arts is a powerful way to enrich people’s lives. We welcome sponsorship from individuals and businesses of all sizes. Supporting our work can bring you and your business tangible benefits of association with an increasingly high profile organisation that strives for artistic excellence, has the community at its heart and is enjoyed by thousands of people annually. The marketing campaigns and media attention our events attract can also work to communicate your commitment to corporate responsibility.

If you would like to discuss how you could increase your corporate profile and involvement with the community through the arts, we’d be delighted to talk to you.

Equally, if you’re and individual who likes what we do and would like to make a contribution to our work, every donation, however small will directly help us to deliver great projects.



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